Who’s JaK?

The JaK Attack! Podcast (yes, the ! is required in the name!) started somewhere around 2006. Jon started hosting the The GNU/Linux user show on the now defunct “The Podcast Network” in 2005. Kelly joined the show as Kelly Penguin Girl at some point and the seeds of The JaK Attack! were born. We left TPN and started The JaK Attack! in 2005.

We produced about 80 shows up until 2011 or so, most of which are lost to the winds of times now. There are a few of the most recent in the sidebar to the right. I am pretty sure we swore a lot in those shows, so be warned.

In 2017 we re-started The JaK Attack! Podcast which is where you are now. It didn’t seem fair to continue on with the same numbering system since the old shows were sooooo old, so we adopted a YYYY.EPisode numbering format.

Trivia: “JaK” is spelled that way because it stands for “Jon and Kelly”!