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The JaK Attack! Episode 17.29

Welcome to show number 2017.28!

Show Notes

  • Kelly gets waylaid into starting the show!
  • Kelly finally agrees that perhaps the most important person at the wedding may not be the Maid of Honour
  • 03:57 – Kelly’s Corner
    • The iPhone 8 is here, but nobody knows why.
    • The Roman iPhone X is coming!
    • Probably almost nobody knows what a Bravo Zulu is.
    • The trade off between battery life and big screens never ends
    • Qi (pronounced Chee) wireless charging will have to hold us over until the AirPower thingy comes out in 2018
    • the iPhone 8 and X will not be able to use GB LTE. Whaaaa?
    • The incremental improvement of iPhones is pretty slooooow
  • 27:00 – Jon talks about the problems with iTerm2
    • Kelly thinks the app is named “I turned 2”. like. just. what?
    • Turn off the “Perform DNS lookups to check if URLs are valid” setting in iTerm2. Or upgrade to 3.1.1
    • By default, iTerm2 is sending a whole bunch of data off your computer in plain text to DNS resolvers
    • Kelly tries to kill Jon with the microphone
    • Jon hates and loves the TouchBar iTerm2 integration
  • 40:00 – Cooperstown News


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