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The JaK Attack! Episode 17.33

Welcome to show number 2017.33!

  • Kelly’s birthday week last week!
  • Jon likes his new Roku Express
  • 11:50 – Kelly’s Corner
  • 22:45 – Jon talks
    • macOS High Sierra root user hack
      • How did Apple so fundamentally break the authentication system to allow the second or third attempt to work, but not the first?
    • iOS crappy calculator
      • This was identified in iOS 11 beta. In iOS 11.1.2 it’s still not fixed
      • Apple’s shine is starting to come off without Steve Jobs
      • Kelly wasn’t sure 1+2+3 doesn’t equal 24.
    • Amazon Key WiFi de-auth hack – video showing the hack proof of concept. AKA – the Danny Ocean video camera hack
      • Kelly admits she’d steal Christmas packages
      • Kelly drops another F-Bomb
    • Jon thinks the biggest potential for Amazon Key abuse is targetted attacks, not random theft
  • 49:30 – Cooperstown News
    • Cherry Branch Gallery is hosting an art exhibit and sale Dec 2nd and 3rd
    • Kelly does not like the reporting of it.
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The JaK Attack! 2017.33 – OGG

The JaK Attack! Episode 17.25

Welcome to show number 2017.25!

Show Notes

  • Big show number 25!
  • Kelly moved a tree today. Let that sink in.
  • Jon is back from vacation.
  • Cape Split in Blomidon Nova Scotia is a nice day hike.
  • 07:00 – Shout Outs and Bork Outs
    • Troy restaurant in Wolfville – awesome Mediterranean food and awesome patio!
    • Kelly shout outs the improvements at Cape Split
    • Jon lurves his Red Bubble swag!
  • 13:45 – Kelly’s Corner
  • 21:30 – Jon talks about DNA as a hacking delivery system
    • Jon shows his total ignorance of what DNA is and how it works
    • GATACA, FTW!
    • Biohacker researchers have figured out how to deliver malware via DNA
    • Kelly thinks Bill and Ted invented this technique
    • Researchers have added pictures and running horsey gifs into DNA, too
  • 39:00 – Cooperstown News
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The JaK Attack! 2017.25 – OGG

Featured image by Christian Faur