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The JaK Attack! Episode 17.3

Welcome to show number ..— —– .—- –… .-.-.- …–!

Show Notes

  • biOrb!!! Is it a fish tank or something we live in on Mars?
  • Kelly says “Bite My Betta!
  • Jon can’t drink Saki. Eeewwwwww….
  • 6:00 CloudFlare transparency report and a National Security Letter
  • 21:45 Kelly’s Corner
    • Goldfish are cold water fish. That means they sleep instead of dying
    • Jon suddenly realizes that “feeder fish” doesn’t mean human food
    • What Kelly mentions appears!
  • 33:00 Shoutouts and Borkouts
    • Shout: Two Factor Auth: listing sites that use 2FA
    • Bork: Banks that don’t appear on the list. Losahs.
  • 36:00 Listener Feedback
    • Linc says “It’s Coopers Town, guys!”
    • Klatuu says “Welcome back!”
  • 40:00 Cooperstown Crier
    • Water tests, wha???


The JaK Attack! 2017.3 – OGG

Psiphon logo

The JaK Attack! Episode 17.1

Aaaaannnnnnd we’re back with show number 00010100 00010001.00000001!! We talk about Psiphon, two-factor authentication and lobster fishing.

Show Notes

  • Don’t mix decimal and binary number systems!
  • Kelly tells us about lobster season and socks
  • 04:20 Jon ponders Psiphon
  • Other than the very important job of circumventing Internet censorship, the most critical quesion is “How do you pronounce Psiphon??
  • 08:30 2FA (Two- Factor Authentication) primer
  • Kelly really wants to know what pwned means
  • 14:45 Kelly’s corner: some of the neatest tech things from 2016
  • 31:00 Shoutouts and Borkouts

Ogg me!

The JaK Attack! 2017.1 – OGG