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The JaK Attack! Episode 2018.45

Welcome to show number 2018.45

  • It’s not possible to talk about Independence Day without bringing up Team America! – “F*ck Yeah!!!”
  • Jon thinks Kung Fury is totally underrated
  • 04:50 – Jon takes us on a trip down memory lane
    • Jon’s lame-o profile page is at jonwatson.ca
    • Bitcoin sucked in 2013 and it sucks now
    • Jon gets completely distracted about Bitcoin purchases and anonymity
    • Backing up to the ‘aughts, let’s look at Win4Lin
    • We are briefly interrupted by Jon’s Pager Duty alert. Creeeepy.
    • Innotek used to own VirtualBox.
    • Anyone remember VMWare Player?
    • podcasting articles in Linux Journal and Linux Pro magazine. Props to Mark Rais at ReallyLinux.com
    • Citadel Groupware is the coolest thing Jon has ever seen (article)
    • Kelly’s Acer laptop did not do well in Linux trials in the early ‘aughts.
  • 29:30 – Kelly’s Corner
    • It is so hot in Canada right now that flies are walking. FLIES!
    • Happy 4th ‘Murica!
    • Some fun fact about USA. We use the word “fun” in a way that means “weird”.
      • One American consumes the same resources as 32 Kenyans. That is the weirdest statistic evah.
      • I can’t type the rest, you gotta listen for this weirdness.
    • Here’s some actually fun facts about Canada.
      • ”eh” is in the Canadian Oxford dictionary. Yeah. The Canadian one.
      • Santa’s postal code is H0H 0H0. And only elves that work for Canada Post answer them.
      • And then there is some discussion about de-militarized borders and things get ugly.
  • 46:50 – Cooperstown News
    • Who was that ambulance driver?
  • Express VPN is our show sponsor and we have a one year subscription to win. Listen to the show to find out the steps to enter the draw. We’ll announce the winner during show #46!
  • OGG ME!

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