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Kelly's Canada Flag

The JaK Attack! Episode 17.20

Welcome to show number 2017.20!

Show Notes

  • Yubi key nanoIt seems there are birds in our intro.
  • Seasons are nice! Change is good. Let go, hot-dwellers, let it go!
  • Windsor is a gateway valley.
  • 05:23 – Kelly’s Corner
  • 20:00 – Jon talks about his Yubikey!
    • Yubikey is strong two-factor authentication (2FA)
    • Jon uses his Yubikey to a) log in to his laptop and b) for SSH
    • Kelly wants to zap drunk people
    • /etc should not be pronounced etsy. Grr…
    • Is the Yubikey ‘static password’ of any use? Seems too easy to spit it out in a chatroom accidentally
    • The Yubikey docs are a little hard to follow sometimes
    • 42:00 – Cooperstown news!


The JaK Attack! 2017.20 – OGG

Hexadecimal from Reboot

The JaK Attack! Episode 17.2

Welcome to show number 0x323031372E32!

Show Notes

  • Hexadecimal! Not just a number, also from Reboot! (not Transformers)
  • The Internet weighs nothing because it’s wireless, Jen!
  • 08:30: Kelly’s Corner – her thoughts, not yours.
  • 15:10: Jon talks about Keepass password manager. You don’t gotta outrun the bear, you just gotta outrun your buddy.
    • Local database storage. Do we store it online?
    • If we store it online, where? GDrive? DropBox? SpiderOak?
    • There are many browser plugins for Keepass, but do we trust our browsers with that access? Tavis Ormandy thinks not.
    • Is it safe to copy passwords to your clipboard? The Linux and Android Keepass app have clipboard clearing settings.
    • Android app has specific Keepass keyboard to enter username and password without using the keyboard.
  • 32:45: Borkouts and Shoutouts
  • Cooperstown has a caller ID spoofer on the loose!


The JaK Attack! 2017.2 – OGG