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Kelly's Shoes

The JaK Attack! Episode 17.28

Welcome to show number 2017.28!

Show Notes

  • Doesn’t anyone remember the Internet Archive?
  • The waaaaaayback machine!
  • We seriously just kicked a tree off a roof. That’s how we roll. We’z lumberjacks, beyotches!
  • Kelly got to hold a giant cheque today. Strike that off the ol bucket list. Yay, Rotary Toonie draw!
    • She also bought shoes. SURPRISE!!!
  • Jon’s 100 Men Who Give a Damn group also has a giant cheque!
  • Humanity needs a quick 101 course of how to use the Facebook backgrounds
  • 09:20 – Jon’s…um…corner?
    • Bob Taylor can bake a bitching bumper for Jon!
    • Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer/Edge, Apple Safari, and Mozilla Firefox comprise the bulk of browsers used in the world
    • The first three are hell bent on harvesting your personal data for gain. They produce browsers are one of their harvesting tools
    • Only Firefox just makes a browser for no other purpose than making a browser
    • It’s slow. It’s clunky. It’s Firefox!
    • Bing is like a venereal disease
    • Google is an advertising company. Every product they have is another harvesting tool.
    • Perfect marketing involves knowing who you are and what you want
      • The search engines know what you want
      • The social networks know who you are
      • Now they’re all striving to collect enough personal data to get both together
      • Has anyone ever heard of Google+? Srsly?
    • Arguably, Firefox is more important now than ever before
    • Jon is done scaring people. You’re on your own!!
  • 27:35 – Kelly’s Corner
  • 46:00 – Shout Outs & Bork Outs
    • Kelly thinks The Big Dig construction crew did really well
    • She also can’t stop thanking the Windsor Rotary for letting her hold a big cheque!
    • Jon is angry at Foxy Proxy. WHY YOU BREAK MY THINGS???
      • Judging from the reviews at the bottom of that page, everyone is mad
  • 52:30 – Cooperstown News!


The JaK Attack! 2017.28 – OGG

Legend Of the Red Dragon

The JaK Attack! Episode 17.24

Welcome to show number 2017.24!

Show Notes


  • In case you’re wondering – we’re not technically live. You’re welcome
  • It’s hot and sticky in Nova Scotia for all the wrong reasons
  • Why does Jon keep installing Google Chrome??
  • Kelly is finally gonna get her Mac
  • Jon can’t keep Intel 8088 and Motorola 68000 straight
  • WTF is  boot box??
  • 13:55 – Kelly’s Corner
  • 29:00 – Jon talks about the heady years of BBS’ing
    • Telnet into Jon’s BBS The Heart of Gold (port 23, natch)
    • telnet://theheartofgoldbbs.ca
    • Jon’s new l337 h@x0r name is now officially Wonko The Sane
    • Geeks like “zone mail hour”. Cougars like “male zone hour”
    • Only rich folk could run multi-line BBSes
    • The Heart of Gold has a ton of Door game all thanks to BBSLink.net!
    • Mystic BBS software for Linux
    • SyncTerm for Linux – terminal client
    • MultiMail for Linux – offline mail client
  • 52:00 – Cooperstown News
  • Find us at:


The JaK Attack! 2017.24 – OGG