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Legend Of the Red Dragon

The JaK Attack! Episode 17.24

Welcome to show number 2017.24!

Show Notes


  • In case you’re wondering – we’re not technically live. You’re welcome
  • It’s hot and sticky in Nova Scotia for all the wrong reasons
  • Why does Jon keep installing Google Chrome??
  • Kelly is finally gonna get her Mac
  • Jon can’t keep Intel 8088 and Motorola 68000 straight
  • WTF is  boot box??
  • 13:55 – Kelly’s Corner
  • 29:00 – Jon talks about the heady years of BBS’ing
    • Telnet into Jon’s BBS The Heart of Gold (port 23, natch)
    • telnet://theheartofgoldbbs.ca
    • Jon’s new l337 h@x0r name is now officially Wonko The Sane
    • Geeks like “zone mail hour”. Cougars like “male zone hour”
    • Only rich folk could run multi-line BBSes
    • The Heart of Gold has a ton of Door game all thanks to BBSLink.net!
    • Mystic BBS software for Linux
    • SyncTerm for Linux – terminal client
    • MultiMail for Linux – offline mail client
  • 52:00 – Cooperstown News
  • Find us at:


The JaK Attack! 2017.24 – OGG

The JaK Attack! Episode 17.5

Welcome to show number Insignia Red! and Peach Blush!

Show Notes

  • Kelly uses hexadecimal colours to open the show!
  • Jon shares the ways in which technology has wasted his time today.
  • Kelly is showing at the Argyle Gallery “Pre-Shrunk Show”.
  • The Press Gang is a nice place for dinner in Halifax, NS.
  • Kelly can’t remember what it’s called when you throw stuff over the side in the Navy
    • Clues are: throwing something off a boat, military, starts with a D
  • 9:00 – Jon talks about the Papertrail Logging as a Service app!
    • Kelly thinks Splunk is funny
    • LAMP, LEMP…whatevah
    • Jon is not allowed to jailbreak anything any more
    • Papertrail provides the missing link to alert me when Fidonet net mail from 1990 arrives!
  • 22:00 – Kelly’s Corner!
  • 32:00 – Shout Outs ad Bork Outs!
    • Kelly does not wait until the next episode.
    • Shout out – great service at the Press Gang restaurant!
    • Shout out – Elegiant fitness thing. Jon likes the notification thing.
  • 40:00 – Coopers Town Crier
    • Coppers Town is kicking butt in the Swim Meets!
  • Close up – we now have OGGS!!!!!!


The JaK Attack! 2017.5 – OGG