Kelly Penguin Girl

Kelly Mitchelmore

Kelly Penguin GirlKnown to JaK attack as Kelly Penguin Girl – the rest of the world knows Kelly as the owner operator of the fantastic Victorian B&B Phoenix Hollow in Windsor Nova Scotia and also as artist extraordinaire. Native to Nova Scotia, Kelly’s paintings are created mostly with knives, creating bold and luminescent works in both oil and acrylic. Her large knife paintings reflect her approach to life and art, creating movement and texture through saturated hues and thick layers. Known for her vibrant pallet she enjoys painting flowers and nature trying to capture the moment of discovery. Determined to bridge the gap between artisans and community and support the local economy and charities all at the same time, Kelly is continuously promoting a more holistic approach to art and getting recognized for it. “ What can I say – I love red – red wine, red paint, red décor….. after all I am a 6”2 redhead :)”

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