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Billy Talent Halifax Concert

The JaK Attack! Episode 17.11

Welcome to show number 2017.11

Show Notes

  • Sorry for the week break. We had to recover from the Billy Talent concert in Halifax!!
  • Kelly has had enough of fish talk, but can’t help mentioning that she read something about a guy who made a wheelchair for his fish. wut?
  • Canada’s 150th is this year. July 1st. w00t! Kelly found that there’s even a Google Doodle contest for $10,000 smackers!
    • Jon needs to start building a fictional child to submit his Google Doodle for him.
    • Kelly saves Jon $4,000 by pointing out he doesn’t have to build a bubble.
  • Jon is gonna start messing with the Damn Vulnerable Website Application.
  • 11:45 – Kelly’s Corner
  • 21:00 – Jon talks about ProtonMail VPN
    • AKA ProtonVPN
    • OpenVPN
    • Native client only for Windows for now. Unix use OpenVPN package, macOS use Tunnelblick.
    • Kelly is curious about when a life membership would terminate.
    • There is more than two people in r/Protonmail and they want calendars, goddammit!
    • ProtonVPN has a Tor OpenVPN configuration file.
  • 32:40 – Cooperstown News
    • Apparently, it’s all doom and gloom in Cooperstown. Get it together, Cooperstown!
    • The only good thing happened five days ago.
  • 35:00 – Shout outs and Bork outs
    • Shout out to the Natural Environment Research Counsel in the UK for their sense of humour in naming a submersible Boaty McBoatface!
    • Kelly believes in the overwhelmingly power of stupidity.
    • Damn Vulnerable Web Application bugs are funny.
    • Kelly sounds the idiot alert!!!
  • If you have a podcast, send us your promo! We’ll play it. And you can download our promo here!


The JaK Attack! 2017.11 – OGG

The JaK Attack! Episode 17.10

Welcome to show number 2017.10!

Show Notes

  • We made it to show number 10!
  • We fondly reminisce about Wicked Lasers.
    • No goddamn sharks, Kelly!
  • Kelly is a Stacha’s Maid of Honour which is clearly more important than being the Bride.
  • Fishology is a real thing, folks. Also, fish vets. Who knew?
  • Sean Connery thinks that is so shellfish of you.
  • Mach’s aquarium is pretty nice and he is suddenly married to Sasha.
  • Jon wisely notes that all of our brain bits grow differently.
  • The Amazon outage of 2017 was sucky.
    • Jon brings up the spectre of Amazon Turk!
  • 12:40 Jon bores us to death with pontification about Internet convergence
    • YouTube TV is coming. MOAR TV!!!!!
    • Telus tried ad-hoc $2/channel TV like 15 years ago.
    • Curiosity Stream is a new entry into the market place. All sciencey and stuff.
    • Spotify is going to offer lossless hifi packages.
    • Jon does not like the Hi Fidelity Freaks and cannot remember the name Tidal.
    • Using personal internet connections for everything is has tactical problems. The last mile is still too fragile.
  • 26:45 Kelly’s Corner
    • Kelly remind us of the guy who’s gonna get skinned from episode 6.
    • And now she’s talking about dead people again. Gunther von Hagens skins people, injects them full of plastic, and takes them on the road. There. I said it.
    • Kelly’s permanent internet record is a mess!
  • 35:00 Shout outs and Bork Out
    • Jon Borks Out Kelly’s Corner
    • Bob Taylor made us new bumpers and a promo!
  • 38:00 Cooperstown News


The JaK Attack! 2017.10 – OGG


The JaK Attack! Episode 17.9

Welcome to show number 2017.9!

JaK Attack CokeShow Notes

  • Kelly loses the stare-down.
  • We don’t need no steenkin’ badges! (The Treasure of the Sierra Madre)
    • Seguay into 1928….what?
  • 04:00 (ish): Panopticon and Panopticlick
    • Shutting off Javascript makes you really secure but makes you about 250,000 times more easy to identify.
    • Choose between security and anonymity because it’s pretty hard to get both
    • Web requests need to contain some information such as user agent, the requested resource, maybe the referer. But, do we really need to make things like system fonts, screen resolution and a list of plugins?
    • After disabling Javascript, almost no information was sent. But, my browser became unique to 1 in 1,200 vice 1 in 250,000 with Javascript running.
    • The TAILS Live CD Tor browser gave up more information, but that actually helped with anonymity because it made my browser more normal.
  • 18:55: Kelly’s Corner
  • 32:00 Cooperstown Crier
    • Polar jump, whaaaa?
    • Raised $128,400 for charity
  • 36:00 Shout Outs & Bork Outs
    • Jon shares some of the people you can’t buy a Coke ™ for.
    • You cannot buy a Coke for Zoolander. Deal with it.


The JaK Attack! 2017.9 – OGG

groundhog day

The JaK Attack! Episode 17.8

Welcome to show number 2017.8!

Show Notes

  • Valentine’s Day was a brutal pile of snowy, snowy crapola
  • Shubenacadie Sam is our Nova Scotia Groundhog!
  • 04:12 – Kelly’s Corner
    • The Kodi box!
    • Kodi looks so familiar to Jon because it used to be XMBC
    • Downloading is not illegal in Canada. Unless it’s impolite. Then we’ll stop because we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.
  • 16:04 – Jon talks about Qubes OS and Whonix. Full article here.
  • 36:00 – Shout outs and Bork outs
    • Kelly feels bad we don’t have shout outs
    • Kelly borks out Facebook messenger
    • Jon borks out the Proton Mail Android app’s read/unread indicators. Or, rather, the lack of read/unread indicators.
  • 46:30 – What’s happening in Cooperstown?
    • Cooperstown Chamber of Commerce is 100 years old this year!


The JaK Attack! 2017.8 – OGG

Govenor Tarkin

The JaK Attack! Episode 17.7

Welcome to show number 2017.7 (we got nothing)

Show Notes

  • Our domain name sucks.
  • Kelly’s Tomb Raider Penguin Girl is on her page now!
  • Rogue One! Rogue One!
    • We have advanced to the point where we no longer need humans to be humans
    • Humans too close to being human drop us into the Uncanny Valley
  • 13:45 – Jon talks about 2600 Hacker Quarterly
    • Hacking is the new phreaking
    • Cap’n Crunch whistle opens doors…
    • Rescuing fake memory devices using h2testw.exe (not linking to anything because I don’t know what’s safe)
  • 30:00 Kelly gives up her corner!
    • Just to be clear, there’s no Kelly’s Corner. Sans corner. Corner-less
  • 30:49 Shout outs and bork outs
    • Slack is a good thing, but not a good chat thing
    • Smarmy Microsoft letter
    • Yay for threaded conversations! Thanks, from 1990!
    • Boo for threaded conversations! The implementation sucks!
    • Standard Shit Sandwich
  • 34:00 Coopers Town Crier
  • 44:00 We sing Happy Birthday to Linc!
  • Other notes

Cap'n Crunch whistle - 2600


The JaK Attack! 2017.7 – OGG

Tim Steiner at the Louvre

The JaK Attack! Episode 17.6

Welcome to show number swooshie! swooshie! (Semaphore!)

Show Notes

  • Kelly rejects the cry of “I’m not interested!”
    • Jon suggests “I don’t give a crap!”
  • Kelly still owns
  • 09:00 Kelly’s Corner “The man who sold his back to an art dealer
    • Pigs with tattoos
    • AKA – is it legal to skin humans?
    • Jon thinks of the Chuck Mangione
  • 22:00 Jon talks about TOR
    • All KDE apps start with K to not conflict with anything
    • It’s BLUUUUU, Kelly!
    • Jon’s going to build a TOR service
      • It’s hard to torrent over TOR
      • The Internet IS A SERIES OF TUBES!
      • Full disclosure: Jon is probably not on a no-fly list
    • 28:00 The TOR “nobody nodes my sorrow” song!
  • 40:30 Shout outs and Bork Outs
    • Kelly lurves her Spotify. Daily play lists are the bomb
    • Jon doesn’t understand why he needs a cell phone number to have a cell phone plan
      • Gas stations are for gas, phone stores are for phones.
  • 48:40 Coopers Town Crier. Our twin town!
  • email us at


The JaK Attack! 2017.6 – OGG

The JaK Attack! Episode 17.5

Welcome to show number Insignia Red! and Peach Blush!

Show Notes

  • Kelly uses hexadecimal colours to open the show!
  • Jon shares the ways in which technology has wasted his time today.
  • Kelly is showing at the Argyle Gallery “Pre-Shrunk Show”.
  • The Press Gang is a nice place for dinner in Halifax, NS.
  • Kelly can’t remember what it’s called when you throw stuff over the side in the Navy
    • Clues are: throwing something off a boat, military, starts with a D
  • 9:00 – Jon talks about the Papertrail Logging as a Service app!
    • Kelly thinks Splunk is funny
    • LAMP, LEMP…whatevah
    • Jon is not allowed to jailbreak anything any more
    • Papertrail provides the missing link to alert me when Fidonet net mail from 1990 arrives!
  • 22:00 – Kelly’s Corner!
  • 32:00 – Shout Outs ad Bork Outs!
    • Kelly does not wait until the next episode.
    • Shout out – great service at the Press Gang restaurant!
    • Shout out – Elegiant fitness thing. Jon likes the notification thing.
  • 40:00 – Coopers Town Crier
    • Coppers Town is kicking butt in the Swim Meets!
  • Close up – we now have OGGS!!!!!!


The JaK Attack! 2017.5 – OGG

Smoke Cloak

The JaK Attack! Episode 17.4

Welcome to show number

Show Notes

  • Jon is already using Braille to open the show
  • JaK bio and some older shows on the bottom right sidebar now
  • Chelsea Manning’s sentence was commuted, but Assange is still not leaving Ecuador
  • 06:30 Jon talks about Synergy software KVM
    • Kelly confesses to watching anime!
    • Buy the Pro (SSL) version of Synergy to protect your clipboard
    • It Just Works ™
  • 13:30 Kelly’s Corner
    • The SmokeCloak (whaaaa?)
    • Would you like some DNA in your smoke?
    • Jon decides to cut out the middle-man and spit on bad guys
    • Where does this DNA come from??
  • 20:30 Listener Feedback
  • 26:30 Shout Outs and Bork Outs
  • 30:00 Cooperstown Crier

OGG me!

The JaK Attack! 2017.4 – OGG


The JaK Attack! Episode 17.3

Welcome to show number ..— —– .—- –… .-.-.- …–!

Show Notes

  • biOrb!!! Is it a fish tank or something we live in on Mars?
  • Kelly says “Bite My Betta!
  • Jon can’t drink Saki. Eeewwwwww….
  • 6:00 CloudFlare transparency report and a National Security Letter
  • 21:45 Kelly’s Corner
    • Goldfish are cold water fish. That means they sleep instead of dying
    • Jon suddenly realizes that “feeder fish” doesn’t mean human food
    • What Kelly mentions appears!
  • 33:00 Shoutouts and Borkouts
    • Shout: Two Factor Auth: listing sites that use 2FA
    • Bork: Banks that don’t appear on the list. Losahs.
  • 36:00 Listener Feedback
    • Linc says “It’s Coopers Town, guys!”
    • Klatuu says “Welcome back!”
  • 40:00 Cooperstown Crier
    • Water tests, wha???


The JaK Attack! 2017.3 – OGG

Hexadecimal from Reboot

The JaK Attack! Episode 17.2

Welcome to show number 0x323031372E32!

Show Notes

  • Hexadecimal! Not just a number, also from Reboot! (not Transformers)
  • The Internet weighs nothing because it’s wireless, Jen!
  • 08:30: Kelly’s Corner – her thoughts, not yours.
  • 15:10: Jon talks about Keepass password manager. You don’t gotta outrun the bear, you just gotta outrun your buddy.
    • Local database storage. Do we store it online?
    • If we store it online, where? GDrive? DropBox? SpiderOak?
    • There are many browser plugins for Keepass, but do we trust our browsers with that access? Tavis Ormandy thinks not.
    • Is it safe to copy passwords to your clipboard? The Linux and Android Keepass app have clipboard clearing settings.
    • Android app has specific Keepass keyboard to enter username and password without using the keyboard.
  • 32:45: Borkouts and Shoutouts
  • Cooperstown has a caller ID spoofer on the loose!


The JaK Attack! 2017.2 – OGG