The JaK Attack! Episode 17.27

Welcome to show number 2017.27!

Show Notes

  • Where does Kimberly Lee get her news from if NOT The JaK Attack???
  • Jon need a power cable for his new (old) Texas Instruments 994A (TI994A)
  • Kelly has forgotten alllll about the era of the cable box
  • Kelly has a September show at T.A.N. Coffee in Windsor
  • 06:50 – Kelly’s Corner
    • Virtual Blind Dating. W.T.F???
    • What IS the plural of ostrich, anyhow?
    • The general consensus is that the show is ‘absolutely terrible’
  • 18:00 – Jon talks about credit card fraud
    • The next iPhone won’t have a hardware home button. C’mon…
    • Jon walks us through his article on the hows and whys of credit card fraud (Jon’s article at Comparitech with skimmer pictures)
    • There are some common ways that credit cards are stolen
    • The credit card “dumps” are verified and sold on “carding” sites like McDumpals (thanks KrebsOnSecurity)
    • There’s not much you can do to prevent it, but keep an eye on your transactions to discover “checker” transactions
      • “Checker” services “check” if a card is still good. Usually by putting a small charge on each card to ensure it has not been cancelled
    • Maybe copyright infringement will take down the whole black market credit card empire
    • Europe has better pro-active credit card fraud prevention than North America
    • The big challenge is that all the vendors are not onboard so it really doesn’t matter how stringent the issuers’ demands are
    • Kelly totally zones out…I guess this topic is over
  • 50:00 – Cooperstown News


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