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The JaK Attack! Episode 17.18

Welcome to show number 2017.18!

Show Notes

  • We’re late this week. Shaddup.
  • Jon apparently has never listened to the show intro before.
    • We may have been drinking too many Mad Jack Sucker Punches.
    • WARNING: this show is a Nova Scotia Kitchen Party
  • burning wickerKelly may be leaving Jon for her new chair.
    • Jon hates wicker. Wicker is ass.
  • 08:00 – Kelly’s Corner
    • Kelly may think that Biohacking groups fall under the Girl Guides of Canada.
    • PBS biohacking...wha?
    • Russian biohacker is a human compass. Not because he has any interest in magnets. Or north. Or navigation. Or compasses. It’s just cool, man.
      • But it’s only cool for a day or so. Depending on how often he turns north.
  • 23:00 – Jon walks us through the Wanna Cry ransomware attack
    • Kelly discovers “sneakernet”!
    • Spoiler: The Shadow Brokers stole The Equation Group (cough NSA cough) tools and someone turned one of them, ETERNALBLUE, into the Wanna Cry malware.
    • Newfie weapons contain an arse, and all. (get it? arsenal?)
    • Don’t. Click. Links. Seriously, just stop it, people.
    • Jon forgot to read a paragraph of the The Shadow Broker’s recent release. But, you should…their writing is so..odd
    • Spoiler: Someone (cough NSA cough) told Microsoft this really bad exploit had been stolen.
    • So, only neglected Windows systems were victim of this.
    • Between the small ransoms and weirdo kill switch, this attack is straight up weird.
      • Bitcoin wallets: 1, 2, 3.
  • 42:00 – Cooperstown News


The JaK Attack! 2017.18 – OGG


The JaK Attack! Episode 17.17

Welcome to show number 2017.17!

Show Notes


The JaK Attack! 2017.17 – OGG

The JaK Attack! Episode 17.16

Welcome to show number 2017.16!

Show Notes

  • It’s May the 4th Eve!
  • Jon does not understand the purpose of May 4th
  • Hal-Con is in September!
  • We went to the Saltscapes Expo and bought all the booze.
  • Still Fired Moonshine – Night Own is Jon’s fave and Rootbeer is Kelly’s.
  • We also discovered Crokinole!
  • Jon is no longer smart enough to pass captchas
  • 08:30 – Kelly’s Corner
  • 19:15 – Jon’s tech stuff
    • It’s the 39th anniversary of the first piece of spam ever sent
    • DARPA made ARPANet…now Jon wants to make JONNet
    • We’ve literally made no progress at all in 39 years
    • Codes and Ciphers
      • Pigpen Cipher – The Freemason’s Cipher
      • Playfair Cipher – Cipher using an arbitrary key
  • 33:50 – Cooperstown News
    • Cooperstown is NOT a Sanctuary Village!
    • Jon had no idea there were Sanctuary Cities in Canada
    • Sanctuary cities are one small step towards united federation of planets
    • Sorry about your ears 🙂


The JaK Attack! 2017.16 – OGG