Smoke Cloak

The JaK Attack! Episode 17.4

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Show Notes

  • Jon is already using Braille to open the show
  • JaK bio and some older shows on the bottom right sidebar now
  • Chelsea Manning’s sentence was commuted, but Assange is still not leaving Ecuador
  • 06:30 Jon talks about Synergy software KVM
    • Kelly confesses to watching anime!
    • Buy the Pro (SSL) version of Synergy to protect your clipboard
    • It Just Works ™
  • 13:30 Kelly’s Corner
    • The SmokeCloak (whaaaa?)
    • Would you like some DNA in your smoke?
    • Jon decides to cut out the middle-man and spit on bad guys
    • Where does this DNA come from??
  • 20:30 Listener Feedback
  • 26:30 Shout Outs and Bork Outs
  • 30:00 Cooperstown Crier

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