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The JaK Attack! Episode 17.1

Aaaaannnnnnd we’re back with show number 00010100 00010001.00000001!! We talk about Psiphon, two-factor authentication and lobster fishing.

Show Notes

  • Don’t mix decimal and binary number systems!
  • Kelly tells us about lobster season and socks
  • 04:20 Jon ponders Psiphon
  • Other than the very important job of circumventing Internet censorship, the most critical quesion is “How do you pronounce Psiphon??
  • 08:30 2FA (Two- Factor Authentication) primer
  • Kelly really wants to know what pwned means
  • 14:45 Kelly’s corner: some of the neatest tech things from 2016
  • 31:00 Shoutouts and Borkouts

Ogg me!

The JaK Attack! 2017.1 – OGG

6 thoughts on “The JaK Attack! Episode 17.1

    1. It HAS been a while…thanks for hanging on!

      Show 17.2 is already up and 17.3 should appear sometime this week!

    2. It HAS been a while…thanks for hanging on!

      Show 17.2 is already up and 17.3 should be coming this week.

  1. Welcome back JAK! (I am never watching Duck Dynasty again). Missed you guys. I’m an enthusiast and have been listening to you both since the Linux user show, circa 2006?? I enjoy the fun and banter from the two of you. That’s what kept me listening. I didn’t think it was possible to have a podcast with such a wide spectrum of content. Tech nerd to Art nerd 🙂

    Two quick questions; 1. Are you using the powerpress wordpress plugin for your podcast? 2. If so, have you looked at any of the podcast specific themes for powerpress? I am going to start my own “fun” podcast with my daughter and wanted to see how you produce and publish The JAK Attack podcast.

    Also, I had to laugh, I clicked on your own website and read your bitcoin post from 2013. Your theory (“I reached the conclusion that they are merely a curiosity”) may have been a little off at the time. If only you had taught your listeners how to mine Bitcoin at the time 🙂

    Happy 2017 from Caledonia, Ontario

    1. Hey Mark! Thanks for hanging in there.

      I’m telling Kelly you called her a nerd. I can’t be responsible for what happens from there…

      Yes, we’re using Powerpress – it’s integrated into the Blubrry site here. I look after enough websites that I didn’t need another one so we just let BluBrry handle all this for us now which is really great. The site and plugin work great and the support is very good.

      The BluBrry site comes with a schwack of preset themes so we’re just using one of those. They’re reasonably customizable so it works out well.

      Yeah…BitCoin…I forgot I wrote that. There’s a lesson in there that you should never, ever listen to anything I advise. Ever.

      Stay tuned for episode 4!

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